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Kemosabe & Doob Doob

Head of  Employee Morale and Therapy

About us

Who are we?

Just like you . . .

  • We are proud and hardworking small business operators, and entrepreneurs.

  • We live in the triangle and call North Carolina home.

  • We love our American dream of owning and running our business.

  • We also face the same struggles and challenges of being a business owner.

  • We have to deal with bills, rents, mortgages, and other occupational headaches. 

  • We create employment, happiness, and opportunities that keep the wheels greased and the economy moving forward.

  • ​We work countless hours under stress, calculating and recalculating every move we make to avoid pitfalls. Just like your work, our work needs to be done and there is nobody else but you and us to do our grunt work, just us. Just like you we are never on a nine to five schedule or enjoy the privilege of working forty hours a week and shut down for R&R.

  • We do not work for a pay cheque, our work, has greater significance and direct consequences to our loved ones, our work family, our communities. We work, we create, we rinse, and we repeat our process.

  • We are a small business; creating, obsessing, stressing, and enjoying every second of what we do.

Sometimes it is just easier to quit, but just like us, you are not going to do it. 


What do we do?

We are a local laundry facility, located in the heart of the triangle. If you compare us to the industry heavyweights, we lack thousands of square feet space, and the ability to clean and wash several metric tons by the hour. However, we excel our competition due to our constant supervision of quality control and our exceptional service. 


Since we are privately owned local laundry facility our decision-making process is uber simplified and designed to help you with one simple phone call or a text. Our job is simple we are totally focused on you and your business. Our main goal is to help you succeed and stay successful.

Why use us?

Our price structure is very straightforward and simple without ambiguity and BS charges. We have no contracts, no pickup and delivery fees, no inventory management charges, no automatic loss and replacement charge, you pay for what you use and an audit during every pickup and delivery will determine.

Finally, we are more interested in creating and cultivating a kind of relationship with you that goes beyond dollars and cents. We will always hold ourselves accountable and responsible to any opportunity we are bestowed by you. Doing the right thing is never easy, but we intend to always do right by you and our work family.

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